Quad VCA-Mixer 12HPttt





Quad VCA-Mixer THAT 2180 based.




  • Hi-quality Quad VCA-Mixer.
  • THAT2180 and OPA2604 in audio chain, TL074 for CV.
  • 4 identical VCAs and mixer to mix channels in pairs and all together, each channel has separate out too.
  • VCAs feed both AC or DC sinnals.
  • Responce curve is switchable between exponential and linear.
  • CV inputs are normalized to 5V and attenuated by LEVEL pots.
  • Power consumption: V+ 69mA, V- 60mA.


Assembled module. Diy version 14 HP here http://l-1.su/QuadVCA.html


Price $330 + $15 shipping.


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Red - CV input. Green - audio output:





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